Nov 042010

FYI, 7th Step is starting a CoDA group.  Here’s an email from Sandi, with the details.

Hi Friends,

We are happy to say that 7th Step has found a location for a Codependents Anonymous group for people in transition.  We’re starting out with an emphasis on "our guys" (former prisoners)…but anyone is welcome, including returning soldiers, who I think have a lot of the same issues when it comes to transition and the need for a support group.  We are calling the group "Homecoming" or "Coming Home", I don’t think we decided which one.  Tom Seving and I will get this group off the ground this Friday at 7:00pm in North Portland at the Rivergate Community Church, 4737 N. Lombard.  It’s about a half mile past Chautauqua, the street where Columbia Park starts, going west toward St. Johns.  It looks like Bus 75 on Lombard would get you there.

The 7th Step Board has long dreamed of forming this group, and we’ve gotten approval to hold it inside the walls, but now with [Oregon’s] budget concerns, we are on hold at OSP.  But we can do it in Portland, so please let anyone know who you think might like to check it out.  We know there is a need for this kind of support, and I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t codependent, so help us get the word out for a really good opportunity for personal growth and support.  Hope to see you there!  Call me if questions… [emphasis added]


Sandi Meyer

Here are directions by bus from Pioneer Square, downtown.

    • Start at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland
    • Walk northeast from Pioneer Courthouse Square (SW 6th Ave & SW Morrison St) to SW 6th & Washington
    • 6:24pm Board 35 Greeley to University of Portland
      6:44pm Get off at N Lombard & Peninsular
    • 6:54pm Board 75 Lombard to St. Johns
      6:58pm Get off at N Lombard & Huron
    • Walk west to 4737 N Lombard St

And here is a map to the location.

This group is for adults (18+) who wish develop healthy relationships.  For more information, email us.  See you there.