Officers and Directors


Our Officers and Directors

President: Terry Stein

Terry I’ve had 30 years experience in social services in Oregon: as a special education teacher at Fairview, as a case manager for people with developmental disabilities and for people with severe mental illness; as a caseworker in children’s services; in corrections outreach; as a disability analyst for Social Security disability applicants; doing A/D treatment with AIP clients during their transitional leave period, and currently doing assessments for the same A/D treatment agency. I got interested in ‘correctional’ issues in 1996 when a friend was sentenced to prison for a very long time. I first got involved with Citizens to Repeal Measure 11 in 1996 and continued to work with them until the organization waned after our crushing defeat at the polls. Through that group I learned about Oregon CURE, which I joined in 1998. I have been the Corresponding Secretary (5 years). I wrote most of our publications, attended Transition Fairs and some PTEP classes, spoken about CURE at club meetings at OSP (Oregon State Penitentiary). I am the CURE representative at the Salem Orientations for Friends and Family of newly incarcerated people every other month (team-taught w/DOC); and I volunteered with Home for Good in Oregon (HGO) in the DOC office for several months. When CURE was invited to be one of the sponsors of the OSP Lifers Club, I recently attended as the CURE representative. I’ve wanted to do something that is more directly involved with people who are incarcerated for some time, and I’m looking forward to working with the 7th Step members. I believe that the Outside Board is first of all accountable to the membership– it’s why we exist– and that it’s our job to expand the ability of the group to carry out the mission to “help others as [we] have been helped.” Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help make a positive difference.

Treasurer: Tom Seving

Tom I arrived as a prisoner at OSP (Oregon State Penitentiary) in 1990. Willing to do whatever it took to change, I attended college there and earned an AA degree with a 4.0 GPA, while simultaneously working as Lab Attendant and Tutor in the prison computer lab. I became involved in 7th Step by taking and completing several SOC (cognitive restructuring) courses and became an SOC facilitator until 1994. I was transferred to SCCI (Shutter Creek Correctional Institute) in 1994, where I was the Inmate Clerk in Facility Maintenance, and a Lead Firefighter for S.C.F.D., the prison fire department that served and protected surrounding communities. I returned to OSP in 1996 for parole evaluation. I facilitated Speechcraft for the Capital Gavel Club (Toastmasters International) and served as their Public Relations officer. With 7th Step I served, first as a member of, and then as Chairman of the Employment Committee. To instruct prisoners in finding jobs after release, I wrote the EEOD (Employment, Education and Opportunities Development) handbook and facilitated the program. I also helped organize the first Transition Fair, bringing employers and other service providers into the prison to meet with prisoners planning transition. Since my release in May, 1999, I have become a stable retired member of the community, holding only two jobs and having only two residences, maintaining my freedom for over fifteen years and earning reduced supervision on parole. I also used to volunteer helping a treatment provider with a therapy group for former felons, until health issues made that impossible.  I have stayed active in 7th Step because I believe that giving back is an essential component of maintaining my own freedom and a debt of honor to those who helped me.  Most months, I’m at OSP as a volunteer three times. I feel proud to serve in this capacity.


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